Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

Diamond tools have become indispensable tools in precision grinding, due to the development of ultra hard material. Diamond and CBN can grind and shape these materials with ease.
We can manufacture wheels ranging from 4mm outside diameter up to 900mm outside diameter to the customer various needs including non standard in the FEPA standard range. We carry a standard range of wheels in stock.

More about Our Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels and products are designed for wet or dry precision grinding applications on the hardest materials.
Diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) are superior to conventional abrasives materials owing to their hardness and fine-grained structure and the resultant properties, such as high wear resistance and excellent cutting edge stability. The best grinding performance with diamond and cubic boron nitride can only be achieved if all factors influencing the grinding process are accurately adjusted to suit the operation.

Ideal for high production volumes

Due to their outstanding wheel life and resistance to wear, diamond and CBN grinding wheels have successfully replaced many machining and stock removal techniques using conventional grit type wheels. They are particularly cost effective in high volume production.

Diamond Grinding Wheels

They are particularly cost effective for grinding brittle and short-chip materials e.g. ceramic, glass, tungsten carbide, titanium, alloyed steel, graphite, magnetic sintered and composite materials. Diamond is the hardest grinding media known to-date (Knoops hardness 8,000) and like cubic boron nitride, is synthetically manufactured. Diamond can even be used for machining plastic and for some special applications e.g. honing of steel and grey cast iron.

CBN Grinding Wheels

CBN does not have quite the same hardness characteristic as diamond; however, the disintegration temperature is greater than 1,500 °C and is produced by a combination of high pressure and high temperature. CBN is considerably harder than alumina and silicon carbide; due to its low wear rate, it produces the required profile and geometric tolerances in most instances. Maximum cost effectiveness of CBN is achieved when grinding hardened high alloyed, difficult to grind steels over 60 HRC e.g. tool or chrome steel. Contrary to diamond, CBN is suitable for grinding carbide forming materials.


Fine Finish: Very Fine finish can be achieved using resin bond products.
Industries Used:

Types of Grinding:



Grinding Steel: Grind most all grades of steel, but must have hardness of 45Rc or above to be ground effectively with CBN. There are cases that soft steels are ground with CBN but many different factors will have to be addressed. HSS, A series, T series and most stainless steels are ground effectively and profitable with CBN resin bond wheels.
When Grinding Iron: This type of wheel does not react to iron

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