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Link Diamond Tools was established in 1997 and has experienced dramatic growth since.

All our staff have exceptional experience in the diamond tooling industry and we offer an unrivalled level of service, innovation and quality. Our growth over the last few years indicates the high level of customer satisfaction that has been achieved. Diamond tools have become indispensable tools in precision grinding, due to the development of ultra hard material. Diamond and CBN can grind and shape these materials with ease. That's why our range of services and options are ideal for specialised industrial grinding.

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Because the work-piece is "wrapped around" the wheel instead of "going away" from it, internal grinding results in a larger contact area than in external cylindrical grinding. In general, this requires softer grade wheels to be used. The geometric relationship between the work-piece and the wheel can also restrict the flow of grinding fluid into the grinding zone and care should be taken in coolant application. Where possible the gap between the wheel and the component should be flooded with coolant. This will enable more lubrication to the grinding zone.

As a general rule the wheel diameter should be approximately 75% of the diameter of the hole being ground. To avoid "bell-mouthing" of the component, only one third of the wheel width should be allowed to pass out of each end of the hole being ground.

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We can manufacture wheels ranging from 4mm outside diameter up to 900mm outside diameter to the customer various needs including non-standard in the FEPA standard range. We carry a standard range of wheels in stock.

The Company offers technical support to our customers. Our service to our customers is of critical importance to the company. Through research and development, we strive to supply our customers with the highest quality product to satisfy our customers' requirements.